Maintaining established branding on new website design for new Bozeman, MT company

Wouldn’t you love to have your garage be an extension of your living space rather than just a storage place?  That’s the mission behind our latest client’s company and website.  Montana Garage Interiors provides amazing garage renovations, beginning with flooring and including everything you need to make your garage a space you’d like to be.  It’s so great what they can do!  I really enjoyed learning about their company as we created the website design for them.


This website is a good example of our ability to take established branding, and create a cohesive website.  Matt Lueck, a great graphic designer another local Bozeman business, Ink Outside the Box, created the fun, cool logo for them.   We took that feel and design all the way through the website.  I am proud of the way we continued their branding so consistently.  We work together with other small local businesses every day, collaborating to provide services so clients get everything they need.  With that in mind, I hope you’ll remember to shop local this next week if you’re gearing up for the holidays -and don’t forget to think about your garage as you dig for holiday decoration boxes-  maybe Santa could bring you a new garage this year!



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