New Functionality Makes WordPress Even More User Friendly!

Elementor Image

WordPress has always touted itself (and yes, we said it too) as a super-easy content management system.  That was true, but for some users that weren’t on their sites all that much it could be like learning to ride a bike each time they logged on and were faced with the wordpress dashboard.

It is easy to edit a page with wordpress- but not so easy to get it looking fantastic.  No that’s all changed with a great little plugin called Elementor. 

Why use this plugin?  It allows TRUE what you see is what you get page layout.  As a graphic designer who also designs websites- this is a dream.  Drag and drop sections, widgets and columns to place content right where you want it.  

Haven’t tried Elementor?  Contact Media Works and we’l add it to your wordpress website for you, and provide the training to get you off and running.  Visit for more information on the capabilities.