Where to sell your products online without a website

We had an email this week from a group interested in our help for marketing products online.  They make crafts, and currently use Facebook to sell what they make.  Although this does work, and we encourage Facebook marketing, the limitations are that they can only sell to people who come to their pages and “like” … Read moreWhere to sell your products online without a website

Finding and using the best keywords

This week we had our first ever workshop for the Women’s Business Center and Prospera of Bozeman.  We had 4 hours to fill and didn’t think we could do it.  Turns out we didn’t have enough time.  Many thanks to the participants for bringing up so many great questions!  We really wanted to sure to … Read moreFinding and using the best keywords

Media Works Workshop!

Media Works is presenting a workshop for the Prospera Women’s Business Center March 5th from 8am-12pm entitles “You’ve got a Website, now what?”  The workshop will cover basics on websites, as well as SEO, Marketing, and other information vital for business owners to know. It should be fun!