Why should I post to my website instead of directly to Facebook or Twitter?

Posting to your website is as easy as posting to Facebook or Twitter- and has more return for your business.

Why is that?  Your website is your marketing platform, the base for all your marketing strategies.  You use it to bring customers to your business and to engage them.  The end goal is a contact from the customer, seeking your product or service.  Your website also allows you to measure and understand the effectiveness of your marketing plans.  Those measurements allow you to continue with what’s working and edit what isn’t.

Using your website to feed to your social media allows:

  1. Keep your message and brand consistent.
  2. Easy content management- add it once and feed content to your social media sites automatically or on a schedule.
  3. Build your website presence with clicks to your site pages, rather than social media pages.
  4. Allow for tracking and monitoring of engagement.  Where are your clicks coming from, what’s working and what isn’t.
  5. Your site provides the additional information and quick links to contact you that potential customers need.  No additional searching or scrolling through posts and ads to find you.

Need more information on how to get this set up?  Check out this faq, or call us at 406-587-3583 or for some help and ideas!