Getting the most out of your Social Media Marketing

Last week our resident Marketing Manager, Jason Mayr, gave a presentation to a group of Buffalo Restoration’s Clients.  It is a great perk that Rachel Krug, the Business Development person for Buffalo Restoration, came up with.  She adds value to her brand by providing valuable information free of charge to her clients.  Media Works was … Read more

Training on SEO Best Practices, Blogging and Social Media

Media Works provides SEO, Blogging, and Social Media Marketing services. We also provide training to clients who would like to learn to improve their SEO on their own. Whether we host your website or not, we can still work with you to teach you how to improve your website’s SEO. We can also teach you … Read more

SEO, Marketing Assistance and Logo Design

Logo Design for Twin Bridges Montana Home Based Business

This small, home-based soap and lotion company in Twin Bridges, MT used our expert SEO services by our web developer, Kory.  Media Works also designed their crisp logo for use in their marketing materials.  Now they are able to compete in a much larger geography and look good while doing it.

Finding and using the best keywords

This week we had our first ever workshop for the Women’s Business Center and Prospera of Bozeman.  We had 4 hours to fill and didn’t think we could do it.  Turns out we didn’t have enough time.  Many thanks to the participants for bringing up so many great questions!  We really wanted to sure to … Read more