Squarespace Website Content Management and Product Photo Editing


We don’t just create and manage WordPress websites.  We also manage content for clients on platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, and HTML only sites.  For Lost Remedy we provide digital photo editing to produce photos optimized for the website with with without text. We also upload and manage their products and shipping information.  

Photo Editing and Photoshop

magazine cover design bozeman chamber

The cover image for the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce 2019 Visitor Business and Relocation Guide was created from an image provided by the Chamber. In the original image, the hot air balloon was located far off to the right- not visible with the stream and background as seen above. Lorelyn edited the photo to … Read more

Business Staff Photography

We team with Thunder Cloud Images to provide our clients with professional images for their websites and marketing materials. These photos are some taken for Parkhaven Retirement in Manhattan, Mt.

Poster and Team Photo Designs for Sports Team

Lacrosse Posters

This poster was created for a local Bozeman Lacrosse Team.  They had two teams at this age group and they wanted each boy to have some great memories of their lacrosse season. We also provided some great team photos for the players: