Future graphic designers from Bozeman Senior High School job shadow at Media Works

We had the pleasure of hosting two students from Bozeman Senior High School  this week to show them what work as a graphic designer and small business owner in Bozeman is like.  The two students are juniors at BSHS, and both have taken extensive art classes and plan to take Graphic Design courses their senior year of high school.  They are currently in a course that focuses on career choices and were assigned this job shadowing to learn more about their future career. Their teacher contacted me about the project and I agreed to host the students.

It was a lot of fun to hear about their dreams and goals for the future, and to also see how early career training is happening in the schools.  I was very open about the ups and downs of owning your own business, working with clients, and balancing life with a career.  I shared a lot of the work that I’ve done recently, as well as what I’m working on now.  I also showed them how the majority of my work is done, the computer software I work with, the organization necessary, as well as the way I manage projects.

The students said they really enjoyed the time and learned a lot.  I feel like we did a great thing to help encourage the future of the graphic design business and the Bozeman community.


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