New Website for Livingston, MT small local business completed

We want to say welcome to our newest client, Burgin Snowcloud German Shepherds!  Phil Burgin, of Livingston, MT breeds purebred Snowcloud German Shepherds.

These are absolutely beautiful dogs.  We are so happy to be able to help out a small local business like this.  Phillip came to us in need of a way to reach more potential clients and to be able to reach clients from across the country.  His dogs are very unique and of a very high quality background- bloodlines going all the way back to Germany. He needed a way to get the information about the breed and the special traits of his dogs to the people looking for them.  Our website has set him up to be able to link to other breeders, display new litters, and show off his dogs.

Here is a picture of one of the puppies:

Burgins Snowcloud German Shepherd Male Puppy
One of Tink’s Male Pups


To view more of his dogs just visit his site:

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