Website Design for Bozeman Company shows effective ways to link information

Yesterday we launched a new website for a local  Bozeman company.  Sprinkler Technology Designs is a fire suppression system engineering firm.  They design and install systems in buildings of all sizes in many states across the US.  Due to the nature of their work,  the locations they are certified in, and the qualification requirements for engineers in their business, they asked us to provide a way for them to show complex information to their clients in a very usable manner.

Our website design does just that. Kory created a content management system allowing Sprinkler Technology Designs employees to update and provide their resumes and certifications, projects, and locations, all linked throughout the site.  Their new and potential clients  can now see the projects they have completed through an easy to use interactive map. Project pages and links make information quick to find so clients can see who worked on the project, what their qualifications are, and how to contact them directly.  The use of the WordPress system, with custom programming to meet the client’s exact specifications, have created a very unique and highly functional/usable website for this company.  Please check out their website and see what you think.


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