Web Site Content Management made easy- and affordable!

You have a website, and that’s all you need right?  Now the customers will find you and your business will be rolling along nicely.  Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that’s not the case.  You need to maintain your website through regular content management which should include:

  • Adding new and pertinent information for your clients
  • Delete outdated information so your site is current and clean
  • Verify that your site is functioning properly
  • Verify that your site, including any plugin, link, or widget, is properly updated
  • Verify that your contact information is correct so your clients can reach you

Now this may be simple if you have been trained in HTML, or if your website is based on WordPress and you’ve been trained and you use it regularly.  We train our clients before we launch their sites, so they can work on these updates on their own; however, we know that if you don’t use it regularly it can be hard to remember.

What about when you’re too busy to worry about you website or you don’t do updates often enough to remember what to do?  We have a solution for that.  We provide “content management services” for our clients. Need to update some text, add a few photos, remove some old employee information but you’re just to busy to take the time to remember all the WordPress training?  Give us a call and/or email us the material and we’ll place it into your website for you.  Our charges are very low for this service- it takes us hardly any time, and we are happy to help you out.

A great example of this service in action is with our client Bugin Snowcloud German Shepherds, out of Livingston, Montana.  Phil Burgin breeds registered Snowcloud German Shepherds so when he has a new litter, has images of cute puppies, or sells a puppy, he gives me a call.  I post the information for him on his site and keep his site up to date.  For a minimal charge he gets the convenience of just passing along the information without needing to remember how to work in WordPress.  For Phil it’s a great time saver as he’s a little busy with 11 new puppies this month!

If you feel you could benefit from the time saving or having us help manage your content give us a call today!  406.587.3583, we’re happy to help and we’ll provide you our pricing for content management.

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