Media Works teaches Graphic Design to Bozeman Middle School Students

Thanks to Jessica Stevens of Anderson School in Bozeman for inviting Lorelyn to teach a class on Graphic Design to the middle school students.  Lorelyn has volunteered her time to spend and hour + over four weeks teaching the elective to 15 students.

The class will cover an introduction to graphic design.  She will give examples of the large variety of work that graphic designers may be asked to produce in their careers.  She’ll cover the fundamentals of good design and the skills needed to create designs.  They will also discuss what the students can expect to learn if they pursue a degree and work in graphic design.

Graphic design is a hands-on sort of job, so keeping with that idea, Lorelyn will have the students help with her a current project.  A client of Media Works has kindly offered to allow the students (with Lorelyn’s direction) to design a logo for a new business venture.  We’ll show the final approved logo very soon!

The logo project is giving the students some hands on experience drawing and bringing together the ideas that were discussed about good design.  The  students are also learning some valuable skills about working for a client, understanding target audiences, expressing mood through art, and much more.

Please check back and see the final design in a few weeks!


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