Working with short-codes for Galleries and Videos in your WordPress website.

Your WordPress website has a great gallery plugin, you add your photos to it, caption them, and have them all set to display just as you want them.  The only problem is you don’t know how to make the gallery appear!  If you have a gallery plugin that provides a “add gallery” button to your page or post tool-bar you’re set.  Just add or open the page you would like the gallery, navigate to the location you want it, and click the “add gallery button above the tool bar.  Select the gallery you wish to add from the list that opens.  The image of the gallery won’t appear, but you’ll see a bit of code calling for the specific gallery you chose.

If you don’t have that type of gallery plug-in we’re going to provide you with the quick way to place a gallery anywhere on your website using a “short code.”

Short codes are just that…short lines of html code that can be inserted onto pages in the wordpress visual editor to tell wordpress to do something (such as show a gallery).

Here is the short code to show gallery number 123 from a gallery library:  [show-gallery id=123]

That bit of code is what you would type (exactly as it is- no extra spaces, numbers etc…) in the visual editor.  When you publish and view your page you will see the images and format you set up for the gallery #123 in place on the page where the short code was.

There are many short codes that can be used to your advantage with your website.  For a good list or to find out more check out this site:

WordPress Shortcodes




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