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As a small business owner it can be overwhelming to keep up with the various social media advertising strategies.  Understanding Facebook, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Google Adwords is not easy.  Here’s a short summary of information to help you get the most out of your Facebook page:

First off, is your Facebook page set up to correctly reflect your business?  It seems simple, but it’s not always the case.  Business owners should pay attention to several key points on their Facebook business pages:

  • who set up the page
  • who has administrator rights for the page
  • is the page verified, and are there any other pages representing (or misrepresenting) your business
  • is the business information current and accurate
  • does the page direct users to your business website

It doesn’t take much time to verify the information above, but it can save many headaches later.  If you have an employee volunteer to set up a page for your business, be sure they make you (the business owner) an admin on the page in case they leave (and you’re left with no way to update the page).  Facebook cares about valid information, and if you want to reach the right audience, be sure your business page is listed in the correct category and location. Go through the processes to get a unique Facebook url and create one.

Directing your Facebook followers to your website may seem like overkill, but this is where many business owners lose out.  It isn’t enough to just list your website. Many business owners or employees find it simple to update their social media accounts with images and latest news- while leaving their website stale.  While this doesn’t hurt your business, it doesn’t help the SEO of your website, which should be your goal.  Avoiding this pitfall is possible through linking your posts to your website, or ideally, feeding your social media from your website directly.  The latter process is easy and saves time and money for you.

Once you verify the page information and understand how to drive business to your website, how to you determine what to post?   Consider your business, and what you have to provide to engage your audience.  Is it information, images, humor, or something else you can share?  Building your audience of followers happens by providing people with a reason to like what you post.  Funny quotes, interesting information, beautiful photos, or cats in sweaters…anything that people will like- and hopefully share- works.   Return the favor and follow other businesses and people who follow you.  Is there a business you would really like to have as a client?  Follow them, and maybe they’ll follow you back.  Don’t forget this with Instagram and Twitter feeds as well!

You’re thinking how do I increase business with funny quotes?  Well really you don’t, but once you have that following established, it’s time to offer some incentives.  Now is the time to provide your followers with a little something for being so great- 10% off their lunch when they show the host your Facebook page.  A coupon code for a free coffee purchase, just available to your Facebook followers.  Something that provides the follower with a reward for sticking with you, and dropping by your business in person.

That’s the process.  Keep your information current and then continue with the information/incentive process throughout your social media and you’ll build a solid following and improve your business.  For more ideas like this, or to find out how we can help you with your social media management, please call Media Works at 406-587-3583.

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