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A Call to Action


Sometimes you can have a fantastic website that has great SEO, yet you’re not getting any contacts.  This is incredibly frustrating and may lead you to doubt yourself, your web developer, and/or your marketing.  Having this occur recently for a client of ours, we definitely wanted to find out what was behind it.

Here’s a look into our process for solving this issue- if you’re having problems getting clients to contact you it may be worth your time to go through these steps for your own site.

  1. First we checked how the site came up when searched with key words we thought were pertinent.
  2. We checked those key words for their “value”- which tells us how likely they are to be actually used by people searching for our clients products.
  3. Finding good results for both, we utilized Google Analytics to see who was visiting the site and the traffic patterns through the site pages.

At this point we had a good idea that our SEO was working well, we were getting a lot of new visitors, from the location we wanted, and they were finding the site using key words we expected them to use.  They were just not taking that next step and contacting the client.

So on to the site to figure out what was missing.  As we looked at the home and about page with the client, we realized there was nothing that compelled a person to do something  We had a contact phone number and email, but that was it.  We were missing a key ingredient- the “Call to Action.”

A call to action is a specific statement or question that prompts a user to do something.  It should be easy to understand, perform, and easy to find.   An example:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.48.43 AM


It’s very clear what facebook wants you to do.   You can search internet sites all day to find call to action examples and find what you think works and what may not.  Utilize those ideas that you feel are effective on your own site.  For our example case, we will place a button in a prominent location with a quick contact form that drops out when the button is clicked.

The extra little push- Incentives

In addition to a call to action, you may want to offer an incentive for completing that action.  Don’t just ask for a contact, tell the potential client what they may receive in exchange for reaching out to you.  For example:  “Schedule your Free consultation with us today!”  This tells the client they can meet with you free of charge so the risk is small for a possible great reward.  It’s also inviting and brings a friendly welcoming mood to your communications.  For our example client, we will add “Contact us today for a free site visit” with a link to a short contact form to each page.

Study the competition

The last thing we suggest as you’re looking into why or why not customers reach out to you, would be to evaluate the market leaders in your area.  Are they doing anything with their marketing that is drawing the customers to them?  Knowing your competition is always wise.

Hopefully these simple steps at evaluating your marketing and web presence will help your company bring in more business.


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