Using Videos to Increase Traffic to Your Website

People love to watch videos, and how-to videos are very popular.  Video sites such as You Tube allow users to easily upload and share videos on everything.  If you have a product to sell a video may be a positive way to add to your marketing exposure.

One of our clients, Antler Creek Wildlife Creations, uses videos very effectively.  Bryan Mackie, the company owner, takes videos when he collects his antlers for his work, showcasing the quality of his products and the natural way they are created.  He also provides how-to videos for making products.  He sells supplies for making these products, so it’s a win-win situation for him and his clients.

Here is an example of an effective how-to video for making Antler Cribbage Boards.

If you’re considering adding videos to your website marketing follow these easy steps:

1.  Set up a You Tube account for yourself

2. Record your videos in high-quality format, preview and edit them as needed before uploading to your You Tube account (make sure the video is set to “public” for sharing)

3. Add a link to the You Tube video url to your website, either in your blog or on another page.  You may want to use a small still image as the link, as a sort of “teaser” showcasing what the video is about.

4. Publish your page, and invite your clients/friends to view and share it via social media.


That’s all there is to it.  Another way to market that’s easy and interesting.

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