Getting the most out of your Social Media Marketing

Last week our resident Marketing Manager, Jason Mayr, gave a presentation to a group of Buffalo Restoration’s Clients.  It is a great perk that Rachel Krug, the Business Development person for Buffalo Restoration, came up with.  She adds value to her brand by providing valuable information free of charge to her clients.  Media Works was delighted to present for the opportunity to interact and network with potential clients.  It was a win-win for everyone!

Jason’s talk was well received and the group had some great discussions.  Here’s a brief of what he covered- if you would like some details, please give Jason or any of us at Media Works a call at 406-587-3583:

  • Understanding the difference between using Facebook as a social communication tool among friends and family and a business communication tool to drive business goals.
  • Developing a strong definition of your target audience and business goals in order to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook presence.
  • Creating posts, boost posts, and develop Facebook ads.
  • Providing Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your work on Facebook.
  • Connecting your Social Media  to your complete online digital presence and how this  helps with SEO (search engine optimization).